Finances usually come up when you’re thinking about pregnancy options. If your pregnancy was unplanned, you may believe that abortion is the best option, especially if you don’t have the money needed to parent. 

While abortion is legal in New Mexico, even with insurance, you could pay out-of-pocket costs for the procedure, follow-up appointments, and more.

If you are interested in considering your choices outside of abortion, there is another option. Adoption could be the best choice for your pregnancy.

Do I Pay For Adoption Services?

If you choose adoption, you will continue your pregnancy and give birth. You can then place your child in an adoptive family. This may be a good option if you don’t want an abortion or cannot parent.

As the birth mother, you don’t pay for adoption services. You control this process and can choose from an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. Each plan provides a different level of communication and privacy, so you select the one that works best. 

You may also receive financial help with living expenses and medical care during pregnancy and birth. You’ll never be expected to pay for adoption services; as someone who is making a courageous decision, you deserve support. 

La Luz Women’s Center provides information and referrals to adoption specialists. We won’t pressure you to choose this option; adoption is entirely your choice.

Could Parenting Work For Me?

When considering your pregnancy options, discussing parenting and reviewing what resources are available can provide clarity. 

We’ll review your concerns about parenting. If you want to learn more, we can connect you to community partners offering social services, medical care, and more. 

For housing needs, you can complete a Coordinating Housing Assessment at our center, which is given to the New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness. They’ll determine your eligibility for this service.

We also offer an “Earn While You Learn” program, which allows you to receive material items by attending classes. 

These are supportive resources, but you must decide whether parenting is best for your lifestyle and situation. It may only be suitable if you have the finances to raise a child.

We’re here to offer non-judgmental information and support. 

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La Luz Women’s Center has no-cost, confidential information and services to help you make a thoughtful pregnancy decision. We do not provide or refer for abortions but ensure you’re educated on all options.

Contact us today to make an appointment. We’re here for you.