Although everyone’s experiences are unique and different, some women experience trauma after their abortion procedure that can last for an extended time and even make life difficult. 

That’s why seeking professional support and finding the proper help is important to begin healing. You deserve more; you deserve to find peace again. 

What Is Trauma, Exactly?

According to the CDC, a traumatic event causes a person to experience a great deal of stress.

Another definition provided by Medical News Today states, “Psychological trauma is a response to an event that a person finds highly stressful.”

Since we are all different, we will also all experience trauma differently. That’s why the healing journey can occur at different speeds and be found in different ways.

Anyone who thinks they, or perhaps someone they know, might be fighting the effects of trauma should reach out to a qualified professional as soon as possible. 

Although the mental impacts of trauma cannot always be seen, those experiencing the trauma deeply feel emotions and mental effects that are challenging to live with. Gaining professional help will assist these individuals on a path of healing that can help them feel whole again.    

What Can Trauma Cause?

Medical News Today says that those encountering trauma may experience some of the following emotions:

Physical symptoms can also become apparent. Some of these manifestations may include:

  • headaches
  • digestive symptoms
  • fatigue

Where Can I Go?

If you need assistance on your journey of healing, contact us today. We are here to provide the support you need while listening and understanding how we can help. We offer no-cost post-abortion support that anyone impacted by abortion is welcome to join. 

Get the helping hand you deserve. Reach out today to take the first step in your healing journey. Your story matters.